Friday, July 24, 2015

Sales tips for new entreprenaurs

After creating a kids entertainment company 13 years ago, A Consulting company 10 years ago and a small technical vocational college 3 years ago. I have had my experience in sales and marketing but have had to continue to learn in the areas of sales and marketing as the internet, social medial and globalization came into place and it changed the way we sell and market. When I  received my MBA degree with a specialization in marketing the world was a different place I realized to survive in sales and marketing I had to adapt and learn the new ways to sell and market or I would have no credibility in the industry and no competitive advantage. I started  looking at businesses like Amazon, Ebay and more online guru's who mastered online selling and changed the market completely. I saw that  every day people could  suddenly create an online business in a heartbeat. Suddenly I had to become an expert fast in this or some 12 years old selling their cabbage patch dolls on Ebay for double what they were worth was going to pass me up.  

After 13 years of being an entrepreneur I have some tips I have put together for those of you new to sales and marketing.

Tip 1: Who are you selling too?
The nice thing about the internet and social media is that it has allowed us to have very specific niche markets. So who is your market? and Why? For example when I market out for my party business I focus on 25-50 years old. After many years of research I have found this is my niche market of adults with kids having parties.

Tip 2: Getting returning customers:
Once you have a customer you want them to use you again. Most companies are surviving on returning customers not new customers. One way I do this is sending out constant contact emails to customers so they can see the deals we have and keep us fresh in there mind. For my kids business I send out reminders to them on the month before their kids party to give them a reminder of our services.

Tip 3: Know your customers:
Feedback from customers is important. Know what your customers love and do not love. Research competition look at their rates, services and yelp reviews. When you review peoples yelp reviews then you see what they love. This is a good way to know what your customers love and how to stay competitive.

Tip 4: Don't get comfortable:
As an entrepreneur of a small business we quickly become experts in everything. So staying on top of marketing, sales, and the long list of other items can be daunting. You cannot get comfortable you have to stay on top of sales and find ways to keep moving and promoting your service and products and becoming innovative to create sustainability.

Tip 5: Quality gives credibility:
Never sacrifice quantity for quality. When you have a quality business people will pay 3 times more for your service then some cheap poor quality product or service. Today Facebook has become the way people suggest and find businesses, its the electronic word of mouth. If you get recommended on Facebook you can also not be recommended and received bad reviews. A companies mistakes can go viral in min.  Always put quality first.

Tip 6: Become something your clients can't live without:
When I teach sales I tell my students you need to create the illusion that this is something you cant live without. Or if you are interviewing for a job you  are selling them on the idea  you are a commodity the company cannot live without. Either way when people feel they not only need but must have this service or product you will always have a job and a company. So how can you sell your product or service in a way that they cannot live without it?

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