Friday, July 17, 2015

Creativity in Small Business!

As a small business owner who is in the middle of becoming a medium size business owner I have learned over the last 13 years creativity is essential to survival. Especially when money is tight! Here are a few tips for you all.
Business trades: good chance you have a skill, talent, or service someone else could really use and visa versa. Offer a trade of services. Many times I have traded for needed services to help my business out.
Free Marketing: marketing is essential to the business but often costly. There are a ton of free seminars on FB and the internet on how to market on Facebook and many other free social media sights. Take the free seminars and start practicing your free marketing skills.
Using Networking as your secret weapon!
I don't care what anyone says in this cause I have experienced it first hand. Networking and getting face to face referrals always trump some mass marketing tactic. When you network you have now created groups of people who are marketing for you for free. Don't pass up an opportunity to talk to any and everyone about what you do and always have cards in your pockets.
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